Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) organizes Youth Scientific School on Applied Probability and Communications Technology. It will take place on 23 – 27 October 2017

The School will bring together researchers and developers from academia and industry across various countries and working in the area of applied probability theory and applications of distributed computer and telecommunication networks, mathematical modeling, methods of control and optimization of distributed systems, by offering them a unique opportunity to share their views as well as discuss the perspective developments and pursue collaboration in this area.

Main goals of the School are:

  • Approbation of scientific results of young researchers in theoretical and practical aspects of computer and communications networks as well as mathematical modelling, management methods and optimization communication networks
  • Systematization and development of scientific results in mathematical modeling, probability theory, queueing theory, management and optimization methods and program complex and their applications for productivity of communication networks design and analysis
  • Development of scientific collaboration and establishing creative and work connections, research result exchange
  • Calling perspective areas of scientific research and possibilities of innovation enabling

The School will have two main tracks:

  1. Applied probability (track 1)
  2. Modern telecommunication technologies (track 2)

Key leading scientists will present their plenary papers as lectures on pressing challenge in school specialisation

2017 Школа - Постер